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Supercrease® is a valuable and profitable add-on service for the dry cleaning & tailoring industry

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Supercrease® Product

    Contact us today about our newest innovations for 2019, a bespoke design for the dry cleaning and tailoring industry. Lightweight, easy to store, small enough to sit on an ironing board or sewing table, and applied with the touch of a finger.

    Our company has served the industry for over 35 years. From conducting client surveys and listening to what our customers have to say, we introduce our lightweight design technology to cater to your modern day needs whether it be for your small business or home.

    Supercrease® offers an affordable and profitable method to make a pre-existing crease permanent for you and your customers.

    Supercrease® delivers unbeatable levels of crease retention, withstanding 150 wash or dry-clean cycles. It is weatherproof, heat resistant and can be applied to any fabric in less than a minute, delivering crease durability for everyday wear, formal wear or your family’s uniforms.

    Our custom-made applicator delivers a specially formulated line of resin onto the inside of a pre-pressed crease sitting in a groove on our processing table.

    We carry a variety of resin colours and fittings to match the fabric you are wanting to permanently press.

    Supercrease® carries an eco-passport, along with independent studies that certify there are no harmful effects on human and environmental health.

    Batch processing allows you to permanently press many garments in an hour, with minimal drying time. Supercrease® can be removed if corrections are needed.

  • Increase revenue
  • Small equipment
  • No extra overheads

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